Irrigation Services

Commercial Irrigation Systems!

At Blue Springs Irrigation & Lighting Inc, we work with our commercial clients to develop a system that is most effective for the parties involved. We strive to create systems and programs that conserve water, effectively water areas of need well maintain healthy-looking commercial properties. Lastly, we work to reduce costs. We help save our clients money by reducing water consumption by over 30%. 

Blue Springs offers professional irrigation services to all lines of commercial clients including but not limited to: Property Managers, Owners, Landscape Contractors, Investors, Etc. We offer Design/ Install services, spring openings, monthly or summer reviews, fall closings as well as service calls. With monthly or summer reviews, our CIT audit’s the property for any areas of concern and provides a report with our recommendations for upgrades. Lastly, one of the ways we help improve savings is by using smart controllers. These controllers help monitor water consumption so we know exactly how your system is performing! 

Blue Springs looks forward to working with you! 

Proudly Installing and Servicing Industry Leading Manufacturers

Quality products are the foundation of a great system. That is why we only install the best in the industry.

FAQ: Irrigation Services

Before we begin working on any property, we contact Ontario One Call to ensure all public utilities are located. For any private locates, Our Technicians will ensure to Mark all lines that are underneath the ground within reason. Knowing where all the Power, Cable and Tv, Gas, and Water Lines is crucial before digging into the ground. 

Yes! You will not have to spend another minute of your valuable time watering your lawn. Keep in mind irrigation systems are typically run in the late hours of night, saving valuable water from evaporating, ultimately saving you money. Your new system will do all the watering for you, even when you are away.

Each Irrigation system requires maintenance. Maintenance is important to ensure the system continually runs smoothly. The most important services are the spring turn-on and the fall shutdowns. In the fall, we will blow out all the water in the system to eliminate the risk of freezing pipes over the winter months. Once the spring comes, we will make sure no equipment or parts were damaged over the winter. Finally, we make sure that the system has overlapping coverage and all rotors and spray heads are aimed correctly. 

To professionally maintain your irrigation system, book now to ensure your plan has the comprehensive coverage that is required for Spring, Summer, and Fall Maintenance.

No. different areas (zones) of your property will have different watering requirements, and the system will be set to know which zones require a certain amount of water. 

As each Irrigation system is different, each install can require different times. Most of the systems are completed within a week. Installation times for larger properties may vary depending on conditions such as property size, water pressure/volume, soil conditions and landscaping detail that our technicians will find upon a site visit. 

No, often lawns are much bigger areas in which case we will use different heads for the lawn than the gardens. In the gardens you want to make sure you are correctly and adequately watering the plants, we tailor our systems specifically to each individual situation.

Given the climate that we live in, we experience cold winters with freezing temperatures. To ensure that your system won’t freeze and break over the winter we must winterize it. This process involves using a high-pressure air compressor, clearing all lines, valves, and heads of water.