Landscape Lighting Services



Landscape lighting will transform your property into a safer and more beautiful nighttime environment.


Enjoy the outdoors after dark with path lighting, mood lighting, and overhead lighting. Do you require task lighting to use your bbq at night, or to search through outdoor storage spaces day or night? We put light where you need it. We also light commercial signs.


A pleasing landscape lighting system always begins with a custom design and focal point. Your design will address both functional and aesthetic goals. From there a variety of ambient, accent, and task lighting is selected to connect and create the effect you are seeking.


Our lighting systems feature modern LED energy-conserving fixtures, WIFI-based controls, and top quality direct-burial wiring and waterproof components.  In short, they are designed & installed with reliability, future expansion, and serviceability in mind.  Our use of industry best practices ensures your investment is adaptable to your landscape now and in the future.

The Landscape Lighting Design Steps

The Design Process

One of our team members will arrange a meeting to come to the property to address your wants and needs. Once these are established, we will then use our industry knowledge to make recommendations of proper fixtures, as well as key areas to light up. Once a plan is made, and the quote is approved, we will then schedule your project.

Installation Day

Our professional teams will arrive on site with a plan in place to install all fixtures as per plan. They will identify the electrical source and work from there. When completed, they will leave your property making it look like Blue Springs was never there! 

Final tuning of the system

Following the completion of the system, one of our managers will come to your property after dusk to move & adjust fixtures as needed. They will not leave until you are satisfied! The following day, if needed, our team will return to the property to install moved fixtures. 


Lastly, sit back & relax well enjoying your new landscape lighting system! 

Proudly Installing and Servicing Industry Leading Manufacturers

Quality products are the foundation of a great system. That is why we only install the best in the industry.

FAQ: Landscape Lighting Services

Landscape lighting not only adds curb appeal to your property, making your beautiful yard more visible at night. It also adds to your property’s security, adding safety to your yard at night time.

The great thing about Blue Springs Landscape Lighting is that all the fixtures we install, are LEDs. We install systems that use low voltage LED lights which are very efficient and will have a small effect on your bill.

Yes, all the lights that we install are designed to be outside and can handle our Canadian winters!

If having Christmas lighting is something that interests you, let us know and we will set up your systems so that we can adjust the lights come Christmas time to add some festive colour to your yard!

Not a problem! We can install a wifi controller so that you can control your lighting from anywhere in the world that way your lights don’t need to be on while you are on vacation. 

LED stands for the light-emitting diode. All the lights Bluesprings installs are LEDs, as they are known for their great efficiency.