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Outdoor Audio System Solutions!

Our outdoor residential/commercial sound systems are all pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete landscape sound solution for your property. All our systems are designed by Blue Springs Irrigation & Lighting Inc. and are a customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Designed for outdoor applications, our systems incorporate highly weather-resistant landscape and garden speakers, with excellent sound quality and coverage. Landscape speaker systems can be mounted or placed in the ground and can be used in a wide variety of applications including shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, hospitality and leisure venues, entryways, gardens and any other outdoor setting where high-quality music is required. Compact in design, the speakers are unobtrusive and easily blend in with the surroundings. Designed with robust all-weather speakers along with a mixer, amplifier and accessories, the systems can stand up to rigorous outdoor use. We specialize in outdoor 70 volt distributed audio speakers and systems. The products and designs are practical, very reliable and cost-effective solutions for residential/commercial installations. All of our designs are scalable and include everything needed. 

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FAQ: Outdoor Audio System

By installing an outdoor audio system, this will help to provide great quality outdoor sound when using your outdoor space. With no walls to reflect the sound quality, We guarantee that you will receive top-quality sound in the area of the speakers.

The outdoor audio system that we use in our installations is top of the line. We ensure that they are able to maintain any and all-weather in whatever region you reside in. The audio systems are built tough and are tested rigorously through extreme conditions to ensure a long and happy life.

Upon installation, our highly trained technicians will ensure to locate, and devise a plan for the audio system. By selecting a good spot for the speakers, will reduce the chances of damaging the audio system and give the owners some relief about accidental encounters.

 Although the audio system is tested to withstand extreme weather like rain, water, and snow, the systems are “Water Resistant “not “Waterproof”. The speaker will be able to hold up against splashes, or even a couple of sprays from the irrigation system during short intervals.